Carlos Motta, Artist

We Who Feel Differently by Carlos Motta and Cristina Motta, Editors (2011)

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We Who Feel Differently is based on Carlos Motta’s online database documentary, which presents five thematic threads drawn and edited from interviews with fifty queer academicians, activists, artists, radicals, researchers, and others in Colombia, Norway, South Korea and the United States about the histories and development of LGBTIQQ politics in these countries. The interviewees have been active participants in the cultural, legal, political, and social processes around sexual difference and they frame the debates and discuss the mainstream LGBT Movement’s agenda from queer perspectives. The book puts forth an assemblage of queer critiques of normative ways of thinking about sexual difference. 

Published by Crtl+Z Publishing, Bergen, Norway
96 pages, 2011
ISBN 978-82-92817-08-7