Carlos Motta, Artist

We Who Feel Differently (2012)

Database online documentary, exhibition/installation and platform for social events

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We Who Feel Differently is a database documentary that addresses critical issues of contemporary queer culture.

Interviews features conversations with fifty queer academicians, activists, artists, radicals, researchers, and others in Colombia, Norway, South Korea and the United States about the histories and development of LGBTIQQ politics in those countries.

Themes outlines five thematic threads drawn from the interviews in the form of a narrative. This section has also been produced as a book.

Journal is a sporadic publication that presents in depth analyses and critiques of LGBTIQQ politics from queer perspectives. The first issue is “Queerly Yours: Thoughts and Afterthoughts on Marriage Equality.”

Ephemera presents documentation of temporary physical exhibitions and events held in different cities- social platforms to discuss queer politics locally.


“We Who Feel Differently” 5-channel video installation, carpet, wooden structures

“Triangle” from “Shapes of Freedom,” acrylic and mirror on wood, 10 8.5 x 12.5

“We Who Feel Differently: A Manifesto,” vinyl on wall and 20 x 24″ inkjet print mounted on wood

Installation views of “Museum as Hub: Carlos Motta: We Who Feel Differently” at New Museum, New York, May 16- September 9, 2012