Carlos Motta, Artist

The Movers (2013)

The Movers was a 20-minute performance commissioned by Electra and Tate Modern and conceived in collaboration with choreographer Matthias Sperling.

The work attends to movement as a means of exploring the connections between collective politics and a sense of the individual. Based on a choreographic score of performative tasks that engage thirteen performers in individual decision-making processes, The Movers abstractly asks how self-determination is both a deeply personal project and continuously negotiated in relation to others.

Performers: Ingo Andersson – Wotever World, Jason Barker, Dan Daw, Simon Foxall, Fred Gehrig, Nia Hughes, Helka Kaski, Huai-Chih Liang, Vicky Malin, Malinda Mukuma, Carlos Maria Romero, Mickel Smithen & Ebony Rose Dark.

Photos by Christa Holka. More images here