Carlos Motta, Artist

Legacy (2019)

A 30-minute video endurance performance Legacy, presents artist Carlos Motta, looking directly at the camera and wearing a dental gag, as he tries to repeat, from memory, a timeline of HIV/AIDS, from to 1908 until 2019, spoken at him by American radio journalist Ari Shapiro. Unable to speak clearly, grappling with remembering the lines, and in pain, the artist gradually and visibly exhausts himself with the burdens of this history.

Timeline: Ted Kerr and Carlos Motta
Voice-Over: Ari Shapiro
Camera: Tyler Haft

Download Legacy: A Timeline of HIV/AIDS (PDF) here

Installation view at Galeria Vermelho, SP, Brazil (2019)

Installation view at Mary Porter Sesnon Gallery, UCSC, Santa Cruz (2020)