Carlos Motta, Artist

Screening | Fractured Spaces, Flaherty NYC Film Festival, Apri 3, 7pm

March 12, 2013

92 Y Tribecca
200 Hudson Street at Canal Street

A selection of short films that examine physical spaces, many of them fragmented or under transformation. This program includes an unsettling tour through the streets of Madrid by the collective, Los Hijos, in Enero, 2012 (January, 2012); a striking portrait of Haiti that Fern Silva creates in Peril of the Antilles; the eerie tranquility of a Peruvian beach resort recorded by Andrea Franco in En Ancón (In Ancon); an illuminating examination of the World Trade Center site by Carlos Motta in his film Ivory Tower; and a playful, virtual journey by Juan Daniel Molero in Image Not Found. Franco & Motta will be in attendance for a post screening discussion. Curated by Jerónimo Rodríguez

Peril of the Antilles (Fern Silva, USA, 2011, 5 min.)
En Ancón (Andrea Franco, Perú/USA, 2012, 27 min.)
Ivory Tower (Carlos Motta, Colombia/USA, 2011, 11 min.)
Enero, 2012 (Los Hijos, Spain, 2012, 18 min.)
Image Not Found (Juan Daniel Molero, Peru, 2013, 18 min.)

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