Carlos Motta, Artist

Two person exhibition | Ornament, Simon Preston Gallery, New York, 22 February -22 March

February 19, 2015

Simon Preston Gallery is delighted to present Ornament, an exhibition of works by Amie Siegel and Carlos Motta, which will open to the public on Sunday, 22 February and run until 22 March, 2015.

Assembling two distinct projects, the exhibition creates anthropological divisions that evoke historical uncertainties and question the westernizing institutional lens and the cameras that document them. Unfolding through the witness of objects, each of the works chronicle alternative historical lineages, exploring both gender and sexuality. Drawing upon André Malraux’s proposition in Musée Imaginaire’ – ‘The Imaginary Museum of World Sculpture’ that displaces the physical art object and the museum through the photographic image, alternative interpretations emerge.

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