Carlos Motta, Artist

Screening | A STRANGELY GLORIOUS OPPORTUNITY, Fringe Queer Film & Arts Fest, Friday 27 Nov. 8:30pm, Rose Lipman Bldg, London

November 9, 2015


Fixed ideas of the natural and the normal are nothing more than structures created over time by dominant systems of oppression. Anything that fails to conform to their structures is automatically suppressed by them. The aim of this project is to explore the fluidity of gender, and the ways in which difference can be seen as an opportunity instead of a hindrance; a form of resistance against the violence of classification. How one’s inability to enter certain societal structures can be seen as an act of criticism and refusal. An opportunity in order to challenge them. One’s ascendancy of choosing what they can be instead of being fixed to what they have been ascribed. The body as a weapon which enables one to explore multiple possibilities not subscribed to by heteronormative conventions. An endless becoming.

A Strangely Glorious Opportunity explores this idea through a scope of different narratives and approaches.

Curated by Panos Fourtoulakis

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