Carlos Motta, Artist

Group Exhibition | BY INVITATION ONLY, Instant HERLEV institute, Copenhagen, August 14

July 28, 2014

curated by Lucia Sanroman, Mexico City.

Opening the 9th of August, 2014 – 21hrs.

For 10 years IHi has looked outward from Franke’s home towards the conditions of her surroundings and the forms of living and building around her house. The 2014 edition, however, will look inward, towards the interior of her home and the possibilities offered by the domestic space to become another kind of microcosm, that of the nation-state as addresses its relationship to others, whether foreigners or nationals, friends or foes. Entitled “By Invitation Only” the exhibition I have proposed explores the concept of hospitality through its negative: exclusion, control, discrimination and social stereotyping.

Artist participating: Azra Aksamija (BiH – USA), Ricardo Domingues (MX – USA), Anja Franke (DK), Dor Guez (IL), Miki Kartsman (IL), Carlos Motta (CO – US), Camilo Ontiveros (MX – USA), Omar Pimienta (MX – US), Susan Silton (USA), Sergio de la Torre (MX – USA), Winter Studio (USA – MX – DK).

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