Carlos Motta, Artist

Conference | Absolute Democracy, steirischer herbst, Graz, Austria —September 26, 7pm

September 6, 2012

A conference organized by Carlos Motta (CO/USA) and Oliver Ressler (A) for steirischer herbst, 2012 — September 26, 2012 — 7pm

Participants: Manuela Bojadzijev, Janna Graham & Dont Rhine/Ultra-red (D/UK/US), Mariam Ghani (US), Nicoline van Harskamp (NL), Jennifer Gonzalez (US), Isabelle Fremeaux & John Jordan (F/UK), Miguel López (PE), Sofía Olascoaga (MX), Nikolay Oleinikov (RU), and Marco Scotini (I).

The idea of an “absolute democracy“ suggests the need for the redistribution of wealth and power and the radical transformation of systems of rule. It denounces the effects of capitalism and in that way challenges normative understandings of class, race, gender and sexuality. “Absolute Democracy“ convenes an international group of cultural producers to discuss the construction of a plural, heterogeneous, inclusive and “absolute“ democracy. The conference is composed of two sessions: “Forms of Democracy: Activism, Art and Cultural Production“, which features presentations by artists and theoreticians that question past and existing forms of democratic participation, revise historical accounts and interpret forms of artistic production and documentation; and “Thinking Politics Freed From the State“, a session devoted to presentations that imagine new democratic models independent from the State and that envision new understandings of governability and of self-determination.

Session 1: Forms of Democracy: Activism, Art and Cultural Production
Introduction/Moderation: Carlos Motta (CO/US)
Manuela Bojadzijev, Janna Graham & Dont Rhine from Ultra-red (D/UK/US)
Mariam Ghani (US)
Jennifer Gonzalez (US)
Miguel López (PE)
Nikolay Oleinikov (RU)

Session 2: Thinking Politics Freed From the State
Introduction/Moderation: Oliver Ressler (A)
Nicoline van Harskamp (NL) 
Isabelle Fremeaux & John Jordan (F/UK) 
Sofía Olascoaga (MX)
Marco Scotini (I)