Carlos Motta, Artist

Best of 2015 | “Patriots, Citizens, Lovers…” in Hyperallergic’s Top 15 exhibitions around the world

December 19, 2015


#8 – Carlos Motta: Patriots, Citizens, Lovers… at the Pinchuk Art Center (Kyiv)

October 31, 2015–January 10, 2016

Commissioned by the Future Generation Art Prize, an award New York City-based Carlos Motta won in 2014, his Patrions, Citizens, Lovers… can be seen as part of his larger oeuvre that unearths queer histories and activism while refusing to present them as separate from other discourses, in this case Ukrainian nationalism. Working with a journalist familiar with lesbian, gay, bi-, transgender, intersex, and queer activists, Motta interviewed 11 subjects about LGBTQ issues in times of war. Played on a monitor with headphones for intimate viewing, each interview is sensitively edited and avoids becoming didactic and sensational. —AP

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